Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dresser with Annie Sloan paint

So, I jumped on board and bought some Annie Sloan paint. I actually went out to Lucketts with the kids to buy it at the exact moment of the big earthquake here in Virginia.. totally oblivious!!! But since I've been in my fare share of quakes, I was glad to miss it. Anyhow..... I bought 'Paris Grey' and for my dresser and then applied a clear coat of wax, distressed it slightly and then added a dark wax with a brush. Here's the final result. I'm thrilled with it. The 'before' picture is the post before this one. Take a look!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm baaaack....

So, baby is almost 8 weeks old and I'm back to the game I often play in our house called SELL-SOMETHING-TO-BUY-SOMETHING-ELSE. It's the old furniture switcheroo... out with one dresser.. in with a new. Here's the newest piece I picked up for 20 bucks.

Here's the front of it.. missing 2 drawers that I took out to line the inside with paper.

Here's the top/side:

Here's the back... did I mention that I ripped off the entire back? yeah.. I did. It had a hole in it.