Monday, September 1, 2014

Laundry room redo

The mudroom/laundry room in our house is very small.  Shoes for 5 people and coats as well as the laundry mess was always in a issue.  Throw in a gym back and tkd gear and you can barely walk.  Enter Pinterest.  Voila!!  You marry a handy guy that likes power tools and it's a marriage made in heaven.  (Even though he refuses to join Pinterest...). Take a look!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fjellse bed redo!

Its been forever...  I know.  I could say I've been busy, which is true...  But I've also just been lazy about updating my blog.  So, here goes!  
I procured this bed yesterday.  It's ikea.  Great bones, but plain.
I had seen several people upholster this frame and thought of give it a shot.  I've done chairs but never something this large. So, off to joann I went.  I decided to get the following:
A twin was crate mattress cover
1/2 foam batting (2.5 yards) 
Chevron fabric
And then my dad let me borrow his industrial staple fun.  Boy was that fun!

This morning me and the boys too a field trip to Home Depot to get a 1/4 inch sheet of chemical free plywood.  I attached it to the headboard.  I got it 24x 43 which made it a bit taller.  I also started to attach the foam around the rails.  

Then I cut and extra pice of foam for the gap on the back of the headboard.  

I continued to staple the foam around the frame.  

Next came the egg crate foam.  I flipped it the other way so that the egg was on the inside and attached it to the headboard.

Here is the back:

Then came the fabric...  Here is the finished product!

And here is the joint.  Some people left it open, but I decided to cover the joints.