Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New project - HIDEOUT for the kiddies!

so... our basement was finished several years ago and it was always in the plans to maybe cut an area for the kids under the stairs so they could have a little nook. Why we didn't do it in the first place when we finished the basement? No clue... we were in a hurry to finish the whole basement since I was about to have our second baby.. well, we did it now (read: the hubby needed a project)... Here's what our basement wall looked like 'before.' What was behind this wall was an unfinished room/workroom....The doorway for the hideout is now exactly where the train table was in the photo below.
Here's what my genius life-mate came up with. I did the painting and the decals.. He did everything else. :) Enjoy! The opening:
and inside... notice the cool built in shelving with the pvc cubbies with a lip to hold legos...