Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspired by small spaces

There is a great blog I follow... ( that I just love with great modern ideas on how to use the most of your space. I was inspired by this picture. Simon's room is small and therefore has very little space for a bookcase.. and it would be yet another piece of clunky furniture. Here's the picture that inspired my redo:

Here are before and after shots of his room. Enjoy! (I'm pretty proud of myself as I used a level and got these perfect all by myself without my husband looking over my shoulder...)




  1. I'm so impressed Maria! My first thought was 'boy, those shelves are straight'! JK, my first thought was I want to BE you, or at least one of your sons!

  2. Looks great! I guess the "eyeball-it-and-make-1,000-holes-in-the-wall" method only goes so far...(Now I'm seeing those vertical stripes on the wall, like on the other blog.)