Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Switching gears... let's talk babies

My kids are 3.5 yrs apart and my youngest is now 9 months. In that short little age gap new baby things that we 'need' have sprung up in the market like weeds. There's the hooter hider (which I do have and did use).. that is until my baby got old enough to rip it off his face like he does now. So now it's pretty pointless and my boob is usually out there for the world to see. Then there is the miracle blanket that is supposed to 'miraculously' put your baby to sleep. Um.. mine still got up every hour, even wrapped up like king tut.

But Here is my number 1 pick of what I haven't been able to live without for baby number 2. A lovey dud. I suppose it's really a moby wrap with fancier fabric. But who doesn't want to be fancy? I sure do.

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