Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The dresser!!

It's finally done! Not without wanting to chuck it out the window a few times though. Here is what happened... I started, thinking that I would do a reverse stencil, meaning, paint over a stencil and then peel it up and it would leave the silhoutte.. easy??!?! WRONG. My first failed attempt the stencil was a disaster!! The paint leaked under it and bled everywhere and then when I peeled it, it peeled up all the paint along with it. I had to power sand all the drawers down again and start over!!! here's what happened:

Here is the dresser when I got it from CL for $20.

Here's the next thing I did. I took my Paris Grey Annie Sloan paint and painted the exterior, leaving the drawers with the original wood color.

Next.. here comes the failed decal. I applied the decal, painted primer, and then 2 coats of paint. I have no pictures of the horrific peeling because I was too annoyed to go get my camera.

Ok.. so then I screamed and ripped my hair out and sanded. here are the newly black drawers that I sprayed after sanding them down. I realized that a black silhouette would look better than the wood anyways.

Here's the NEW affixed decal.. remember the color is irrelevant since I'll be just using it as a stencil.

Here's the process of when after the drawers were painted and I began to peel up the decal. I decided to use spray paint this time so I wouldn't have that bleed that regular paint has.

And DRUMROLL PLEASE... Here is the finished dresser after waxing and distressing the edges and corners.

And lastly here are the before/afters of the mirror that goes with it.

And one last time here is the before/after:


Somewhat Simple



  1. remember, this is spoken for in your will!! ;)

  2. LOVE it! that is awesome! love the design!!!!

  3. Awesome!! I've been wanting to try this with a decal I have, just haven't found the right piece of furniture to use it on yet!
    This turned out so cool, I'm so glad it worked!
    Well done and thanks for sharing this!

  4. hey, lesson(s) learned, right? and thanks for sharing those hard-learned lessons with us!!

    i think this piece looks fantastic!!


  5. OmiGOSH, I love love LOVE this! I SO admire your persistence with the stencilling...the end result was well worth your investment of time!

    Deborah (happily visiting from you'll stop by too...)

  6. thanks all! it will be so much easier next time I do it!

  7. This came out darling~ what a neat piece! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  8. A beautiful job Maria! WHERE do you find the time?!