Monday, March 23, 2015

Family room redo

Here is our before and after family room redecorating project.  Wood paneled wall, newly painted grey walls throughout and into the kitchen, painted fireplace and all ceilings newly painted.  Enjoy! 

And here was the process.  Shout out to Chris who worked like a dog putting up the wall. 
Chalk lines to mark the studs.
Here is how our tv is hooked up.  This was chris' brainchild to wire through the attic.
I painted basic pine planks from lowes 5 different stain colors.
Started with onyx.
Here are the colors. Onyx, latte, grey, mahogany, walnut.

First couple rows..
A little more...

A couple hours later...

And done!  
Next the ceiling and the fireplace were painted and ta-day!

And here's the final result:

One final before and after:

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