Saturday, March 28, 2015

A glowing side table

New project...
Chris worked on this project for several weeks.  He found this idea on the instructables site....  A Pecky cypress table that glows in the dark!  We adapted it a bit to suit our needs and made it a sofa table with industrial pipe legs.  Basically morphed two ideas into one.    Since it wasn't my project I don't have a lot of 'in progress' shots.  

The wood was ordered from the tidewater region of VA since this type of wood is not native to this area.  It is abundant in Florida though!  I shipped two pieces and he put them together with a biscuit joiner.  
Then he mixed a casting resin you can buy at any craft store with a glow powder.  We picked blue!  Here are some pics after the resin was poured into the holes that the wood came with.  Then came the sanding...
And here is the table after 2-3 hours of sanding with different grits...

After several coats of a clear stain:

And some pics of the pipe legs after they were screwed together and then sprayed black.

And the final

And here is the glow....

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